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Hoverflies offer dual benefit to strawberry growers

UK strawberry growers should encourage more hoverflies into their crops, as they act as both pollinators and natural aphid predators, say researchers at NIAB EMR. Some of the UK’s native hoverfly species (syrphidae) not only visit strawberry flowers as adults, but also, during the larval stage, offer the bonus of eating aphids. However, whether aphid-eating...

Apr 09, 2018
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Essex wine growers launch campaign to trademark their award-winning wines

Essex vineyards have initiated a bid to trademark the region’s name. The county’s growers are teaming up to create a safeguarded trademark for a 77 sq.mile area, dubbed Crouch Valley. It is hoped that it could eventually be granted European protection. 11 vineyards are currently producing 400 tonnes of fruit in the area. The trademark...

Apr 05, 2018
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