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BIFGA surveys English Gala supply chain to ascertain level of ‘fairness’

A survey questionnaire has been sent to grower members of BIFGA (British Independent Fruit Growers Association) in a move to ascertain the level of ‘fairness’ in the supply chain of English-grown Gala apples. Twenty-one members responded, giving a broad overview of the general position concerning ‘fairness’ in the supply chain of Gala apples sold to consumers through supermarkets.

Respondents were asked to supply three figures, either actual or estimated, for the 2018 English Gala crop, for each link in the supply chain. The figures in the first ‘Time and Investment’ column are a percentage of the total time and investment contributed by each link of the supply chain. The figures in the second ‘Share of Risk’ column are an estimated percentage share of the overall risk taken by each link of the chain, from the start of the growing year through to the purchase of the fruit by the consumer. The third ‘Share of Retail Price’ column shows a percentage indicating the share of the retail price received by each link in the chain.