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Somerset cider orchard wins innovation prize

West Bradley Orchards wins ‘Best Innovative Cider Apple Orchard’ at Royal Bath & West Show 2018

West Bradley Orchards, near Glastonbury, was described by the judges as “containing more experimental trials than any of the other orchards which we judged. Four apple varieties, four support systems, and three different tree spacings will guide growers of future orchards in Somerset into producing the most economic and high-quality apples”.

Edward Clifton-Brown, who has owned the orchards for 30 years, said: “We’re thrilled to have won such a prestigious award. We pride ourselves on producing high quality fruit across all our varieties. We do this partly be employing new methods and techniques, to maximise our fruit production and ensure exceptional quality. An award for innovation is a most welcome reward. Making West Bradley Orchards the best cider apple orchards I can has always been my goal. It’s what makes getting out of bed to visit the orchards every day worth it – and at 89 years of age that motivation is what keeps me relatively young!” Visitors can see West Bradley Orchards for themselves in September, when the orchards are open to the public for the PYO weekends, which run each weekend.

Edward concludes: “We’ve got some ten apple and pear varieties growing, including bright red Lord Lambourne apples, juicy Russets and ever-popular Cox’s, plus Comice and Concorde pears. We look forward to welcoming visitors to the PYO weekends this September to taste for themselves how our innovative techniques translate to our fruit.”

One of only three dessert apple orchards in Somerset and spread over 70 acres, West Bradley Orchards has been growing apples commercially for over a century and sells cider apples, dessert apples, pears and walnuts. Fruit from West Bradley Orchards goes into award-winning ciders from across the country including Thatcher’s and the Shepton Mallet Cider Mill.

For further details visit www.westbradleyorchards.com.